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8 Simple Ways To Attract Hummingbirds to Your Backyard

8 Simple Ways To Attract Hummingbirds to Your Backyard

As a birdwatcher, you must have heard of the popular Hummingbird. If you have ever had the chance of witnessing a charm of Hummingbirds sprinting across the sky, you’ll understand why people want to attract these flying jewels to their garden.

This guide will delve a little deeper into how you can easily attract the humble Hummingbird to your garden!

1. Keep Clear Nectar Food
Hummingbirds are nectar loving birds. It makes up about 90% of their diet. If you wish to attract these long-billed birds to your garden, make sure you have clear nectar in your bird feeders.

2. Add Some Red
Interestingly, birds are attracted to the color red, so display as much red as you can in your garden. Try growing red and pink flowers. These bright colored flowers also attract more insects for these birds. You can also add a red bird feeder!

3. Invest in Hummingbird Bird Feeders
If you are particularly fond of this bird, then you should try out bird feeders that are exclusively made for Hummingbirds. These feeders would most likely be a bright red color, and appeal to the Hummingbird’s long bill. If you are serving nectar for these birds, make sure your bird feeder has a shade to keep the nectar fresh for a long time.

4. Regularly Clean the Feeder
Since Hummingbirds are fond of nectar, the sugar can easily get moldy, especially during the summer season. To keep the bouquet of birds coming, make sure you thoroughly clean the Hummingbird feeder every 7-10 days. This is a critical step to keep your garden conducive to attracting this particular bird.

5. Add a Perch To Your Garden
You can make snag perches to lure more Hummingbirds to your garden. These birds use perches for a plethora of reasons. Hummingbirds use perches to rest, for sunning or preening, watching out for predators, hunting for flying insects, bathing in the sun and general resting.

6. Add Water Mist
Hummingbirds would enjoy a mister as a water source in your garden, so adding one or more will help in attracting this little flying creature. Ideally, you should place the mister at a place where the water collects on a broad life that the Hummingbird can rub against and bathe!

7. Avoid Using Insecticides
Insecticides and pesticides will likely remove food sources that Hummingbirds actually like, namely insects. Additionally, they can be deadly for birds. Overuse or incorrect use of these chemicals can prove harmful for these tine birds.

8. Make Your Yard Safe by Keeping Predators
Away Make sure your yard is safe from predators if you wish to attract Hummingbirds. These tiny birds will avoid areas where they are at a risk. To do this, you can invest in dome bird feeders where there’s no impending threat of a cat. Moreover, keep bird feeders that are specific to these birds far away from other bird feeders. These tiny birds may view other bird species as a threat and may avoid feeding in your garden at all.

With these tips on how to attract Hummingbirds, you will soon have a shimmer of these tiny birds flitting about your garden!

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