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Bird Nests & Nesting

Most North American birds start breeding in spring. If you wish to support their breeding cycle to attract more birds, you can find some of the best bird nests and nesting material here at Birdertown.

Since bird nests are often made of animal hair that is soft and insulating, you can help with this by providing natural nesting materials. This nesting material has proven effective for a variety of birds, especially Goldfinches. Our nest materials are field-tested, waterproof, and able to last all season. We offer nesting material refills made of feathers, cotton, natural wool, and hemp that can generously be added to the nesting material wreathe, and will provide the best results.

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    $ 24.95

    Hummingbird Nest House

    Green Meadow

    This hummingbird house provides hummingbirds with an open platform to build their nest. Designed and built in a small Amish woodshop in Indiana, th...

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  • $ 13.95

    Best Nest Builder

    Havegard Products

    Provides all natural nesting material. Goldfinches love it. Lasts all season and is weather proof.

  • $ 19.95

    Swallow Nest

    Best For Birds

    Swallow Nest. Esschert Design offers a diversity of products inspired by nature uniquely combined with practicality. What is more 80% of our produc...

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  • $ 12.95

    Nesting Material Refill

    Songbird Essentials

    Refill that nesting wreath with this refill to keep the birds nesting in your backyard. The only nesting material available that contains a mixture...

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  • $ 24.95

    Nesting Material Wreath

    Songbird Essentials

    For your door, or hang it on a post, tree, clothesline anywhere the birds may find this nest-building helper. The only nesting material available t...

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