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Welcome to Birdertown, where shopping is for the birds!

We are committed to providing quality birding supplies and specialty items to all who love to watch our feathered friends. 

Our growing selection of products will help you enjoy birds, whether you are a beginner, an expert, or simply sit in your garden and watch these colorful song singers preening. You can shop what you need right here, be it binoculars, birdhouses, a nectar feeder, bird decor or more. 

Enter Birdertown to join in the conversation, find links to interesting articles or information. Birds are fascinating! 

Pictured on this page is the father of one of the founders of Birdertown LLC in the mid 1940's. He would fondly recall his pet crow riding on the handlebars of his bike as he pedaled to school, flying back home upon their arrival, and then greeting him again after school at the end of his driveway at home. 

So many of us have a fascination, admiration, and love of birds. Birdertown was created to both support the products needed for birding activity as well as become a great place to get information and share in the interest of birds. We are just getting started, there are many more products to add, much more information to share, and more community to support. Thanks for letting us help you see more birds! We appreciate you supporting us as we grow in our efforts!


Founder's father with pet crow in 1944

Photo: Founder's dad with his pet crow in 1944, Wisconsin, USA.

Thank you for visiting Birdertown!