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12 IN x 12 IN Clear Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Bird Feeder Cover

$ 18.95

A geometric clear plastic cover that fits the SE532, SE535, and SERUBLHPF105 to help protect seed and birds from inclement weather.

A geometric clear plastic cover will fit the 12 IN x 12 IN bird seed trays, SE532, SE533, SE535, and SERUBLHPF105. It is designed to help protect seed from inclement weather and large birds, like pigeons and doves. This cover is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate materials to ensure long-lasting durability, as well as protection for both your seed and your birds. This dome-style cover keeps out snow, sleet, and rain while still allowing your backyard birds to dine in comfort. The Songbird Essentials 12 IN X 12 IN Clear Plastic Cover is made with a small hole at each point to accommodate the four-chain suspension system on your tray-style feeder so you can hang it from a metal pole anywhere in your yard or garden. Fits 12 x 12 inch tray or the trapezoid tray.

Dimensions: 12 IN x 6 IN x 12 IN