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Great Horned Owlets Rescue: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

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Imagine you are a great horned owlet, and you find yourself stranded on the ground, unable to defend yourself from predators or hunt for your own food. Pretty Frightening! Imagine that you (as a human) come across two such owlets. What do you do? Well, that was the question Cheryl Aguiar had to answer when she was faced with that exact situation. With the help of her husband, Cheryl attempted to relocate the owlets and provide the entire family with a new nest site. Find out how this dangerous experiment turns out!

Cheryl Aguiar documents the fascinating experience she had with a family of great horned owls. When a pair of owls begin nesting in the woods behind her home, she patiently awaits the arrival of their chicks. When they hatch, Cheryl becomes captivated by the two, fluffy owlets. Sadly, misfortune befalls when their nest is destroyed, and the owlets are hurled from safety. Unable to ignore the plight, Cheryl and her husband attempt the dangerous task of relocating the owlets and provide the entire family with a new home in the most ingenious way without removing the owlets from the care of their parents. These intelligent birds also known as raptors, with a reputation of being extremely aggressive, show a different side when faced with sudden adversity and befriend Cheryl in the most astonishing manner.

A heartwarming true story of love, trust, respect, and the gift of gratitude.

  • Available in 3 editions
  • Standard Paperback
  • Color Paperback
  • Hardcover

All hand signed by Author, Cheryl Aguiar.

Cheryl has always had a strong connection with wildlife and a great love for exploring nature. Her devotion and determination to help this family of owls turns out to be one of the most gratifying decisions she has ever made. Through this experience, she learns the struggles of survival, the bond of a family and the gift of gratitude. What makes this story special is seeing how animals and humans from two different walks of life can co-exist and discover that we are not so different. By trusting each other, working together and showing each other respect, the family of owls allow Cheryl into their lives; now they have become a part of hers. Together, Cheryl, her family and these magnificent birds have proven ever more, the statement... Where There's a Will, There's a Way....

2018 Book Excellence Award WINNER - Animals/Pets
2018 Readers' Favorite Book Awards - 3rd Place Bronze Medal - Animals/Pets
2018 Feathered Quill Book Awards - 3rd Place Bronze Medal for Animals-Adult
2017 New England Book Festival - Honorable Mention in Animals-Nonfiction


2017 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner - Non-

2017 BEST BOOK AWARDS FINALIST - Animal/Pets Narrative Non-Fiction