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Mammoth Seed Tube Bird Feeder 6 Port

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Green Mammoth Seed Tube Bird Feeder. Keep songbirds happy and coming back for more! The cylindrical shape of tube bird feeders allows for many birds to feed at once. You can also monitor the level the seed and know when it is time to fill up. With six feeding ports and plentiful perching space, the Mammoth bird seed tube feeder will attract lots of birds, including black-capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Buntings and more. The portals are designed for large mixed seeds such as wild bird mixes, black oil sunflower or cardinal mixes. Easily fill and easy clean. Durable polycarbonate plastic construction.

Durable polycarbonate construction
Designed for large mixed seed
Perches offer comfort to birds while they feed
Easy to fill and easy to clean
Capacity: 2.25 LBS
6 ports
Feeder Measures 6.25 IN W x 19.5 IN H x 6.25 IN D. Hanger is 3.38 IN long. Box Dimensions: 6.69 IN X 6.69 IN X 20.08 IN