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Squirrel Fire Mix 4 OZ

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Birds love it, squirrels don't. Fire mix is a natural and easy-to-use way to keep squirrels and chipmunks away from wild bird feeders. Squirrels can eat large amounts of bird feed and destroy bird feeders. When mixed into wild bird seed, FIRE MIX is a safe and effective solution in discouraging these furry little felons. Squirrel Fire Mix helps keep squirrels and chipmunks out of bird feeders, naturally. Treats 40 lbs of wild bird seed. Blend of crushed and powdered chili peppers.

Pre-treat only five pounds of seed at a time. Mix the seed well with several one or two second sprays of a non-stick vegetable spray, or two teaspoons of cooking oil before applying the Fire Mix. Mix the powder one teaspoonful at a time, taking care to mix thoroughly. Allow treated seed to sit 15-20 minutes before filling feeder.

Warning: Do not allow children to use Fire Mix. Blend in a protected area out of the wind. Do not touch the powder when mixing. Flush with water in case of eye contact and wash your hands after use. Individuals with allergies or respiratory problems should not use this product. Fire Mix contents can temporarily irritate your nose, eyes and skin. Please be cautious when using this product.

• Naturally helps keep squirrels and chipmunks away from bird feeders
• Treats up to 40 lbs. of bird seed
• Powder and seed blend
• Easy to use

Ingredients: Cayenne Chili Pepper and Chili Pepper Seeds (Crushed and Powder).