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Need a Holiday gift? Shop our 2022 gift guide >>

17 IN x 17 IN SkyCafe Oriole Feeder

Original price $ 79.95 - Original price $ 79.95
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$ 79.95
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This new feeder combines the patented Squirrel-proof Sunset Orange Sky Cafe dome with a vinyl coated 1.5 IN wire form that allows easy access for Orioles. The bright 17 IN orange dome is a magnet for Orioles whether migrating or summer residents. The dome also helps protect the jelly, oranges, or meal worms from the rain and sunlight. The cage excludes Robins, Starlings, Blue Jays and other large birds that would devour all the food. The slender body of the Orioles allows them to easily slip through the 1.5 IN opening for food. Custom made from sturdy UV stable resin (polyethylene). It includes a Meal Worm Cup that is removable for easy cleaning. The center food cup is designed and placed far enough from the wire to exclude large birds from reaching through the wire and getting the Oriole food. While the feeder works great for jelly & oranges , the fact it can be used for feeding mealworms to Orioles is an advantage since the mealworms do not attract bees like the jelly & oranges do. You can switch to just mealworms in July when bees seem to be the worst. Offer a variety of different bird food or the bird food of your choice!

Comes with 2 FT hanging chain and is pole mountable. Image shows Feeder on pole mount.
Cord & cord lock sold separately for easy pole mounting on 1 inch outer diameter pole.
Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage.
Made in the U.S.A.

- Ideally hung 5 feet off the ground and 5 feet from a tree trunk, to keep squirrels away OR pole mounted with a baffle on the pole.
- If hung from a shepherd's hook, the pole should be baffled.

How to assemble: