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Yellow WeatherGuard Baffle 15 IN

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15 IN WeatherGuard/Baffle Yellow.

Protect your bird feeders from squirrels and precipitation using the Audubon 15 IN Yellow Weather Guard and Baffle. This sturdy disc easily covers your hanging bird feeder, shielding it from the elements. Its heavy-duty steel construction remains durable for several seasons of use, withstanding both the weather and squirrels. The significant 15 IN diameter keeps climbing rodents from reaching hanging bird feeders, and the bright yellow, powder coated finish adds a classic look to the shield. A dual hook system securely holds the baffle from a hanger at the top, while the lower hook accommodates your hanging bird feeder. Keep the seed in your feeders fresh, dry, and protected from squirrels.

Dimensions: 15 IN W x 5 IN H