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Introducing Recurring Orders

Never run out of Bird Seed again!

You asked for the ability to order items for automatic delivery at certain times, like 10 lb sunflower seed package every 2 weeks or a 20 lb blend of seed every 4 weeks. And now we have it!

See below for benefits, how to create a recurring order, how to manage a recurring order, and frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Recurring Orders

  • Saves you time!
  • 5% discount saves you money!
  • No hassle resupplying your bird seed!
  • Product price cannot go up for the length of your subscription. If the item(s) you ordered go down in price, you will receive the discount!


Can I have more than one recurring order?  
Yes.  Setup your recurring orders by frequency.  So if you want 1 type of bird seed to be delivered every 2 weeks, and 1 type to be delivered every 4 weeks, you would have 2 subscriptions.

How do I skip an order?  
Follow directions under Manage Subscriptions below.  You can click Skip Shipment.

What if I change my mind about an order?  
Future orders can be cancelled or changed at any time.

How do I change my credit card that is being used for recurring orders?  
Follow directions under Manage Subscriptions below.  Click Manage link for this option.

How do I see when my next shipment is?  
Follow directions under Manage Subscriptions below.  Click Manage link for this option.

Do I need an account with in order to do recurring orders?  
Yes, you must have an account with in order to manage your recurring orders.

What if an item that I want for a recurring order doesn't have a Subscribe and Save option? 
Send us an email using the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page to let us know about the item that you want to order as recurring.  We can usually have it setup within 2 days to allow your recurring order!

Manage Your Recurring Orders

From that page you can do the following:

Click Manage Subscription on the right side of the screen under your name. You must have a recurring order setup in order to see this link.

Each of your recurring orders will display, allowing you to
Click Frequency to choose a different time (week or month) and interval (1-8). Click Update after making your new choices. 
Click Order name/number to view each specific upcoming order based on frequency. 
Click Product Quantities to view products and edit quantities.  Click Update after making new choices.
Clicking Skip Shipment at the end of the row for a specific order allows you to stop that shipment and billing. Click OK to confirm.
Click Manage for a specific recurring order to View/Update Credit Card on file.  Click Update after making new choices.
View Upcoming Orders.
View Transactions with amounts and order number.
View Product(s) and quantity for that specific recurring order.