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Mother’s Day Gifts for Bird Lovers 

Mother’s Day Gifts for Bird Lovers 

As your home for all things bird, we know that Mother’s Day is a great time to show your mom appreciation! For those of you whose mothers love birdwatching, there are many bird-themed gifts that you can give her. These range from the more standard to more creative options. Regardless of the bird lover you want to celebrate, our Mother’s Day Gift Guide will have a perfect idea to say, “we love you, Mom!”

Bird Feeders

If your mom loves birdwatching, one of the best gifts you can give this Mother’s Day is a new bird feeder. After all, you can never have too many! You’ll find a wide range of different types of bird feeders here at Birdertown! 

You’ll find feeders aimed at attracting specific species like bluebirds, hummingbirds, and finches. You’ll also find feeders perfect for different types of food and even those that can attach to a window! 


Bird Houses

Of course, another gift idea that mom is sure to love is a carefully crafted bird house. We have many bird houses such as our adorable animal-shaped options featuring a cat, rooster, horse, raccoon, and more. 

Of course, we have the classic styles of bird houses as well – and everything in between! Whether you are looking for sparrow-resistant bluebird housing, a multi-room purple martin house, or something in between, we know you’ll love our selection! Mom will surely love it too as she’ll get more bird sightings when they live in the backyard! 

Bird Baths

Many people don’t realize the number of birds they can attract to their backyard with a bird bath. In fact, this is often something a backyard birder has on their wish list. If mom does not yet have a bird bath, this may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

All birds need water, and many species are attracted to bird baths, particularly those with water features that make noise. Whether they are used for bathing or drinking, mom’s backyard will quickly become a trusted location. For those of you living in cold climates, a heated bird bath is an ideal option as it guarantees a water source even during the harshest times of the year!

Women’s Clothing

Of course, if your mom is like mine, having her backyard filled with bird feeders, houses, and gadgets is not enough!  If you want to get her something for her person to express her love for our feathered friends, a great option is some bird-designed women’s clothing! 

In addition to all of your backyard needs, Birdertown also stocks a variety of items in women’s apparel. Help mom show off her passion for birds with a t-shirt or tank top of her favorite bird! You’ll find prints of flamingos, ducks, puffins, bluebirds, roadrunners, chickens, and all sorts of other winged creatures.

Artistic Bird Décor 

If none of those items tickle your fancy, we know mom would love to add some artwork to her life! We have many options when it comes to bird-themed art that she’s sure to love. 

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a perennial favorite. At Birdertown, you’ll find a wide assortment of wind chime art. These include more traditional chimes, those with a variety of different figurines, and even stained glass wind chimes, which are my personal favorite. Perhaps a stained glass cardinal or handcrafted glass peacock will bring mom a smile!


We also feature a large collection of spinners and whirligig décor. These bird spinners can be easily placed in your yard and contain parts that spin as the wind blows. A great addition to your backyard or front, find dancing owls, blue jays with spinning wings, pecking chickens, and a number of other ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Kitchen Towels, Wine Stoppers and more...

Our exclusive, custom designed bird themed kitchen towels are perfect for adding a pop of color and design to any cooking space. 

And, If your mother is not only a bird lover but a wine connoisseur, she will adore items from our collection of
hand crafted wine bottle stoppers. From elegant eagles to whimsical owls and realistic cardinals, there are over a dozen options to consider. 

Trust Birdertown for the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

If your mom is a bird lover, she will surely appreciate the thought you put into picking out the perfect gift from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide! You will find plenty of practical gift ideas here at Birdertown!

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