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How to Find the Perfect Bluebird Feeder

How to Find the Perfect Bluebird Feeder

We all have a favorite type of bird. I tend to be fairly partial to doves and orioles. Other people might enjoy woodpeckers or cardinals. However, for a lot of people, their favorite bird is the bluebird. These are some of the most beautiful birds that you can attract to your backyard. If you are wanting to find the right bluebird feeder for you, here are some things to consider. 

Type of Food Matters

One thing to consider when it comes to buying your bluebird feeder is the type of food. Different feeders are designed to handle different types of foods. One thing that bluebirds love is mealworms. Offering this delicacy will attract many local bluebirds to your yard. There are many options of feeder perfect for this, from the large to the small

Bluebirds also love to eat suet. However, they often aren’t fans of clinging to the traditional suet cage feeders. Instead, you may have more luck with a feeder that allow more easy access. This one is a favorite while also protecting against squirrels and robins. 

Another nice option for attracting bluebirds is to put out some scrambled eggs. This can be particularly useful during cold weather when the birds’ natural food sources are scarce. Placing these in a tray feeder near nests can help provide precious nutrients during these times. 

Consider Squirrel Proof and Bully Proof Feeders

There are some things that can be the bane of a backyard birder’s existence. One is squirrels. These nuisances are great problem solvers that love to pilfer precious bird food. Another is birds that attempt to bully others away. 

There are several species that can tend to be more bullies than others. These include blue jays, starlings, and sparrows. If you want to attract bluebirds and protect their food, consider a type of feeder that can protect against squirrels and bullies. 

There are a number of options that are good. Look for those that have caged areas, allowing bluebirds to enter but not other animals. Options such as this one made from recycled materials or this option are great for serving this purpose. 

Other Tips for Attracting Bluebirds

While finding the right bluebird feeder for your needs is the first step in the process, there are a few other things that can help you optimize your backyard birding experience. Here are some more tips for getting bluebirds to your backyard. 

Set Feeders 5-7 Feet in Air

Bluebirds will feed from the ground but typically prefer a mid-level feeder. Consider hanging your bluebird feeders five to seven feet off of the ground, either hanging them from a tree limb or placing them on a pole. This will also help provide additional protection from predators that might try to stalk bluebirds from the ground such as neighborhood cats. 

Another tip for where to place your bluebird feeder is to strive for places with open meadows or frequently mowed grass instead of places with higher grass. This is because bluebirds will also prefer using your feeder as a place to scan for insects and other potential treats. 

Bird Baths are Very Attractive for Bluebirds

Most birds love bird baths. However, bluebirds seem to be particularly drawn to these items. In fact, during times where bluebirds have plentiful natural food sources, they may be more attracted to a backyard bird bath than a feeder. 

While there are many different types of bird baths to choose from, a great option for winter is a heated bird bath. This can be an excellent way to attract bluebirds and many others to your backyard for your viewing pleasure. 

Investigate Their Migration Pattern

There are areas where bluebirds can be found year-round and also areas where they only travel temporarily. Be sure to take a look at your local population’s travel plans to know the best times to target bluebirds with food. 

If you have a partial year population, putting out food when they begin arriving is a great way to help them build a habit of viewing your backyard as a place to find treats. 

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