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Great Holiday Gifts for Bird Lovers

Great Holiday Gifts for Bird Lovers

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for many. One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing how excited friends and family get when opening gifts. It is a great way to show people how much we care about them. 

However, gift giving can be a bit difficult for some people. After all, you definitely want to give gifts that are useful or the recipient really enjoys. If you have any bird lovers on your gift giving list, you may feel a bit stumped about what is best gift to get them.

Thus, we wanted to provide a helpful holiday guide to the best gifts for bird lovers. 

Bird Themed Wall Calendars

A fun, inexpensive gift for any bird lover on your list is a bird themed wall calendar. There are tons of options to choose from including those featuring photographs as well as some that feature artwork. I absolutely love the owl wall calendar while my grandmother always appreciates one with beautiful photos of hummingbirds. Whether you want a calendar featuring a specific type of bird or a more general variety, there are tons of options. 

A New Bird Feeder

If there is one thing that it seems no birder can truly get enough of, it is bird feeders. After all, feeders are very useful in attracting birds to your backyard, providing lots of enjoyment. That makes these one of the best gifts for bird lovers. Fortunately, you will find bird feeders of virtually every variety on our website. Whether you are hoping to lure beautiful bluebirds to your backyard, capture the attention of orioles, or lure brightly colored finches, we have a feeder that will meet your needs. 

Fabulous Bird Ornaments

If you are confident in picking out a bird feeder, you cannot go wrong with a bird ornament. We offer a wide variety of ornaments featuring your favorite feathered friends. Do you have a loved one with a favorite bird or have you spotted other bird themed décor in their home? We probably have an ornament for your needs. I personally love this blown glass mountain bluebird ornament. Another favorite is this gorgeous Baltimore oriole one. 

Statues or Sculptures

If you are hoping to score some bird related décor but ornaments are not quite your thing, you may want to take a look at our variety of bird statues and sculptures. We try to cater to fans of as many species as possible and have many different options for you. Our bald eagle statuette is always a crowd pleaser while Louisiana residents will surely love this statuette of their state bird, the brown pelican. If you have a more abstract taste, these cute miniature birds on rocks make a great window sill decoration.  

Birdertown Gift Cards

If you simply cannot make up your mind as to what is the best gift for your bird loving friend or family member, a Birdertown gift card is always a great solution. Gift cards allow the recipient to pick exactly what they want from our extensive offering of products and gifts. Whether they want a new bird feeder, pair of binoculars, or something else, they’ll be able to pick the perfect gift for their needs. Gift cards are available in amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100. 

Final Thoughts

As we enter the holiday season, the thoughts of many people shift to finding the most fitting gift for all of the important people in their lives. Holiday gift giving is a favorite tradition because it allows us to show our appreciation for those closest to us while also showing that we know and value their interests. 

If you have people on your gift giving list that are huge bird lovers, you will find a ton of ideas at Birdertown, where we specialize in everything related to our feathered friends. Take the time to look around our site for the best gifts for bird lovers around. 

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