Deck Mount Birdbath

$ 19.95

Deck Mount Bird Bath. Attract the most birds by providing a vital water source. Bowl snaps out of base for easy cleaning. Sturdy adjustable deck mount allows for versatility. Steel and polypropylen construction. Bring indoors to protect bath from freezing, not recommended for use with heater.

Provide fresh water to increase your success rate for bringing birds into your yard. All birds need water for drinking and bathing, and offering a water source will not only help your feeder birds, but will also attract bird species normally not be attracted by seed or suet. Place near your bird feeders to provide easy access for birds.

Plastic bath with steel clamp. Red and black finish. Clamp-on design. Versatile, adjustable screw clamp. Bath snaps to and from clamp with ease. Provide clean water to wild birds with the Wood Link Deck Mount Bird Bath. This easy-to-clean bird bath features a bowl that snaps out of the base, while the deck mount adjusts to suit your needs.

• Deck mount birdbath
• Sturdy metal bracket holds dish
• Terracotta colored bath
• Wraparound perch with 360° view
• Bowl snaps out for easy cleaning
• Adjustable clamp
• Suitable for railings up to 2-1/4 inches thick
• Made from steel and red polypropylene
• Long-lasting construction
• Dimensions: 13.5 IN W x 11.5 IN D x 7 IN H

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