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Droll Yankee Window Birdfeeder
Droll Yankee Window Birdfeeder


Droll Yankee Window Birdfeeder

$ 41.95

Enjoy bird watching from the comfort of your living room with this window bird feeder. This ingenious window bird feeder attaches with the aid of three strong suction cups and features open sides and clear plastic for all-around unobstructed views.

  • UV stabilized polycarbonate/ metal- won't yellow with age, dependably durable.
  • Outdoor
  • Dimensions: 10 IN x 10 IN x 12 IN
  • Three (3) strong suction cups attach the feeder right to your window
  • Open sides and clear, UV-stabilized plastic construction provides an unobstructed view
  • Attract a wide variety of birds by offering different types of food year-round
  • Capacity: 0.5 LB of seeds, fruit, suet, or mealworms
  • Dome cover overhangs dish and prevents run-off of rain into dish protecting food and birds from bad weather
  • Drainage holes eliminate any water from the dish
  • Dome height is adjustable
  • Convenient cleaning and refilling



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