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Allied Precision Standard Battery Operated Water Wiggler

$ 36.95

Moving water attracts more birds! Water Wiggler works great to attract birds and prevent the spread of viruses by eliminating stagnant water in birdbaths. Its unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in the water, preventing mosquitos from laying eggs. Easy to install--just place the Water Wiggler into the birdbath and go! No wiring, no plumbing. May be used with heated birdbaths in winter. Minimum water depth approx 1/2 in. 

  • Dimensions: 6 IN x 6 IN x 3.25 IN
  • Operates on two (2) "D" batteries (not included).
  • Operates silently 24 hours a day.

Do not submerge entire Wiggler in water; body of the Wiggler should sit above water level. Regularly remove any debris from birdbath that might interfere with agitator movement.