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Squirrel Proof II Slinky Spring Device

$ 13.95

Hang on Shepherds Hooks or poles up to 1 IN in diameter. Keeps squirrels on the ground and your bird feeder Squirrel Proof. Length expands up to 48 IN.

The Squirrel Proof II Spring Device is compatible with multi-hook poles. It wraps around it instead of slipping over the top.

Now squirrels can not climb up the pole to your feeder because the unpredictable, spring-loaded motion frightens them away! Use the two black plastic zip ties to fasten the spring around the top of your bird feeding pole. Wrap the multi-hook around the pole using the open ends, one coil at a time. Durable all-metal spring with 2-5/8 inch diameter.

Slinky only. Other items pictured not included.

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