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Squirrel A Whirl

$ 21.95

Squirrel A Whirl Squirrel Feeder. Squirrel's love it! The Squirrels weight causes the feeder to rotate. It swings and spins as the hungry acrobats grab a bite to eat. Attach an ear of corn, fruit, or peanut butter and watch the fun begin! Holds 3 corn cobs. Dimensions: 4 IN W x 13 IN H

This windmill will generate more curiosity than power! The three-arms are tipped with corn holders. Fix an ear of corn to each arm and stand back. Squirrels climb onto the center and as they make their way down the dowel – they spin! Mill is set to motion as the squirrels hang on their ear of corn. Hilarious and charming. Windmill screws to trees or posts. Leave enough clearance to allow the arms to spin unencumbered. Easy to clean and durable.