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Red Nectar Protector

$ 10.95

Red Nectar Protector. This ant deterrent holds 3 times more than the next largest competitor. It is clear- Does not confuse the Hummers, and you can see when it is empty! Easy to clean concave bowl. Less frequent filling! Strong holds even the largest feeders! The Protector is a helpful accessory that will protect feeders from stealing ants. It fits well with hummingbird, oriole, fruit or butterfly feeders. It is designed with a large reservoir to reduce the frequency of needing to fill it. Also, its clear construction allows you monitor the water level. To get ultimate protection, hang this above the feeder and fill with water. Since ants cannot swim, they will not be able to make their way to the nectar. An S-hook is included for easy hanging. See how how well it works for you! Dimensions: 4 IN x 4 IN x 5 IN