Bee and Insect Hotel
Bee and Insect HotelBee and Insect Hotel


Bee and Insect Hotel

$ 31.95

Improve the health of plants in your yard by attracting insects. Offering shelter to solitary bees and other insects invites these pollinators to visit your yard, allowing for a thriving flower or vegetable garden. Each of the three layers on this shelter sport different types of openings, for a wealth of insects to occupy it. Tightly packed bamboo tubes create the bottom layer, inviting orchard and horn-faced bees to roost. A solid slat of wood with differently sized, drilled holes sits in the middle, perfect for mason bees. Cylindrical discs, with pre-drilled holes, complete the top level, and are great for lacewings other bees. A pitched and overhanging roof covers the shelter, helping it remain dry, and a solid wood frame offers stability. Stand it on the two wooden slats at the bottom or hang it from its metal hanger on the back against a wall or tree.

Improve the health of plants in your yard by attracting insects.
Made with high quality materials.
Dimension: 5 IN L x 5.18 IN W x 11 IN H

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