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35 Piece Wildbird Gathering Tray Puzzle

$ 12.95

Birds of the Forest sit perched upon an old wooden gate that has been knocked down in the nights storm.  It's a Wildbird Gathering in Jerry's backyard - the cardinals, bluebirds, blue jays and other delightful feathered friends enjoy tweeting in person.

A tray puzzle is durable inlaid pieces in a tray with definitive outlines underneath for the puzzler to follow when figuring out where each piece goes.  The shapes of the pieces and colors are made to assist easy learning for young children.  Seniors also enjoy tray puzzles as the large size pieces are easy to grasp and if the senior is unable to manage the Easy Handling 275 piece puzzle, then this is a fun activity for them.  Popular from ages 3+ to seniors.

14 IN x 10 IN Tray size

35 pieces