275 Piece At Home in the Barn Easy Handling Puzzle

$ 16.95

The lovely owl is At Home in the Barn, resting before his next flight. Who-who goes there? Something has caught the attention of this barn owl. This is a delightful Easy Handling 275 piece puzzle with large pieces making it easy to see the detail in the wood fencing and the pattern on the beautiful feathers.

Cobble Hill Easy Handling puzzles are 275 piece puzzles that are perfect for seniors, those with Alzheimer's, or the visually impaired. The puzzle pieces are larger in size, usually 2 IN to 3 IN, which makes it simple to pick up. Another benefit of the large puzzle piece is being able to see more detail per piece. Large pieces make it easier to find where the puzzle piece belongs in the scene. The Easy Handling 275 piece puzzle is still challenging, yet one can feel accomplished because it won't be as difficult as a 1000 piece puzzle.  It's a great choice for those just getting started too!

Finished Size: 18 IN x 24 IN

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