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Screen Saver HumBirds of the Americas
Screen Saver HumBirds of the AmericasScreen Saver HumBirds of the Americas


Screen Saver HumBirds of the Americas

$ 15.95

An undeniable element of magic surrounds the unexpected discovery of a hummingbird paying a visit to one's own backyard. From the Ruby-throated to the Broad-tailed hummingbird, these flying jewels will amaze you. Now you can enjoy 33 full-color images of these magnificent species all day every day.

It features Interpretive Text, and a Perpetual Calendar both which you can turn on or off. This software series provides an enjoyable experience that will thrill birders of all ages. Excellent images. Can be used as a screen saver or as computer wallpaper with more detail.

33 high resolution images
Education information about each bird species
Each of the images can be used as wallpaper for your desktop
Perpetual calendar and more!

Windows System Requirements: Intel Pentium 3 Processor or higher; Windows 2000, XP & higher; 24 bit color display or higher; Windows Media Player. Macintosh System Requirements: System 10.x (contains images only); System 8.x or 9.x only; 256 color display min; 32 MB RAM; 32 MB hard drive space; Quicktime 4.x required.



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