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Super Stop-A-Squirrel Feeder
Super Stop-A-Squirrel FeederSuper Stop-A-Squirrel FeederSuper Stop-A-Squirrel Feeder


Super Stop-A-Squirrel Feeder

$ 68.95

This Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is feature packed! Large Plexiglas window allows birds to see the seed, while birdwatchers can see how much seed the birds are eating and when the feeder needs filling. Protective overhanging roof and adjustable, weight-sensitive perch deter squirrels from accessing seed. Large capacity (holds up to 11 lbs of mixed seed), removable bin makes it easy to fill without taking the entire feeder down.

All-steel feeders are naturally healthier for the birds because the steel will not absorb bacteria. Strong rivet construction and a rust- and fade-resistant green powder-coated finish. Perch keeps the feeding ports 100% open while all birds feed, then closes the feeding ports 100% when a squirrel moves onto the feeding area

Made in USA. 5 year manufacturer warranty.

3 in 1 mounting (can be post mounted, wall mounted or hung). Includes metal hanger. 10.25 (D) x 11.25 (W) x 12.75 (H) inches



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