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Whimsical Seed Feeder

$ 10.95

Unique collapsable bird feeder that folds together with 1 tuck! Built-in perches and hanging strap. Translucent orange with Whimsical bird printed pattern. Made from 100% earth-friendly recycled materials!

Unique collapsible bird feeder that simply folds and tucks together! Built-in perches and hanging strap, Translucent orange with Whimsical bird printed pattern.

The unique design of our feeders provides a fun new way to attract birds. Each feeder lays flat for easy storage, then with 2 simple folds and tucks, they form a “pillow case” structure into which the feed can be poured. Constructed from heavy gauge recycled polypropylene, each feeder will serve your needs for years, and make it easy to place feeders in numerous locations. These make great gifts for backyard birding enthusiasts!

Economical and easy to use.
Accommodates all birdseed types.
Adjustable hanging strap allows the feeder to be hung anywhere
Accommodates all seed blends
Dual feed ports attract smaller species
Tuck-tab design allows for easy refilling
Convenient built-in perch for your feathered friends
Dimensions: .12 IN L x 4.25 IN W x 15 IN H