23 IN Green 8 Port Metal Thistle Feeder
23 IN Green 8 Port Metal Thistle Feeder23 IN Green 8 Port Metal Thistle Feeder


23 IN Green 8 Port Metal Thistle Feeder

$ 38.95

23 IN Green Metal Thistle Feeder, 8 ports. Zinc die cast tops, bases and ports to last a lifetime Stainless steel wire squirrels can't chew Snug fitting sliding cap easy for you to lift but hard for squirrels Top assembly easily removed for cleaning Contoured base keeps seed within reach.

Clean contemporary lines make this basic tube feeder an attractive addition to your yard or garden. Quality parts and ease of use make it a great value. Eight perch locations allow several birds to eat simultaneously. UV Stabilized Polycarbonate feeder tube keeps the seed level visible at all times. An internal seed baffle directs seed to an additional seed port located at the lowest level of seed to ensure that the feeder empties completely without allowing seed build-up. Simply slide the die-cast metal cap up the hanger for quick, convenient filling. The yellow metal feeder base is equipped with drainage holes to dispel any water that gets inside and provide ventilation to keep seed dry and fresh. This feeder may be hung on the included metal loop hanger it can also be pole mounted. Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions: 6 IN x 6 IN x 27 IN
Mounting: May be hung or pole mounted
Capacity: 2 LB of seed, 8 ports
Construction: UV-stabilized polycarbonate and stainless steel bail wire
Seed or feed options: Nyjer seed or premium Nyjer mix
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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