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12 OZ Peanut Delight No-Melt Plug
12 OZ Peanut Delight No-Melt Plug


12 OZ Peanut Delight No-Melt Plug

$ 10.95

Corn, Roasted Peanuts, Rendered Beef Suet, Oats, Soy Oil. Our specially formulated No Melt Suet Plugs attract Wild Birds all year long. Designed for use in a Suet Plug Feeder, they are the most convenient and easiest way to attract Wild Birds.

Delights are mixed into a soft dough texture which is pressed into plug form. C&S's process creates the only true NO MELT suet product line. For YEAR ROUND Wild Bird Feeding.

Our Suet treats are produced by melting the highest quality beef kidney fat, blending a variety of seeds, nuts, and fruits that are then poured into a tray and allowed to harden. Our Suet Treats will become soft and pliable at 100° F if exposed to extreme heat during shipping and storage, but will return to normal hardness again at room temperature. C&S’s quality and special processes allow suet to be fed year round resulting in all season suet feeding success by our customers.



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