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Droll Yankee Covered Platform Feeder
Droll Yankee Covered Platform Feeder


Droll Yankee Covered Platform Feeder

$ 54.95

The Covered Platform Feeder will attract several types of birds, including ground feeders like Cardinals to it's 13 IN platform. The cover is adjustable to allow you to manage your desired bird size and protect food from weather. Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage. Made in the USA

  • 14.75 IN adjustable cover protects the seed from weather and allows for management of desired bird size
  • Droll Yankees Collet Technology makes adjusting the cover easy simply loosen the Collet fastener and lower or raise the feeder cover.
  • Drainage holes in the 13 IN tray prevent water from collecting
  • Option to pole mount using a Droll Yankees Pole Adapter (ADPT) or 1/2 IN threaded pole
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate feeder tray & cover will not yellow with age and are dependably durable
  • Allows for food versatility. Offer seed, mealworms, fruit or suet
  • Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 11.25 IN x 15 IN x 15 IN



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