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SureFill Metal Hopper
SureFill Metal HopperSureFill Metal Hopper


SureFill Metal Hopper

$ 34.95

This metal hopper Bird Feeder is making bird feeding easy with its SureFill No Spill features. Its spring loaded, push button top effortlessly opens with one touch, single-handedly taking away the feeder refill juggling act! Its durable squirrel-resistant metal hopper frame is coated in a beautiful matte bronze finish, while its elegant roof design and ornate metal detailing combine strength and style for a feeder like no other. With 4 large rounded perches to attract more birds and a generous 3.3 LB seed capacity, the Stokes Select® Metal Hopper Bird Feeder keeps hungry birds happy and coming back for more!

Spring-loaded, push button cap opens with one touch for easy filling
Metal hopper frame is durable and squirrel-resistant
4 ports with large rounded perches to attract more birds
Elegant roof and ornate detailing with beautiful bronze finish
Removable base for convenient cleaning
8.7 IN x 8.7 INx 11 IN


Sky Cafe Orange
$ 64.95$ 59.95


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