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Flamingo Enamel Bottle Stopper
Flamingo Enamel Bottle StopperFlamingo Enamel Bottle Stopper


Flamingo Enamel Bottle Stopper

$ 15.95

Flamingo bottle stopper worthy of a toast! Our beautifully hand crafted enamel wine bottle stoppers are a classy way to preserve unfinished wine based on your own personal taste in designs or season. Each one takes a great amount of time to form all the fine details for our wine stoppers. The stainless steel is graded for food and the silicone will assure that the stopper keeps air out. This one is part of our Birds Collection.

This unique, handmade, enamel wine bottle stopper is full of color and wonder. Skilled artisans create each piece by hand leaving no two exactly alike. Top your favorite bottle of wine in fun style with this charming flamingo bottle stopper or purchase it as a sweet gift for any bird lover. Fits standard wine or cider bottles. Made of enamel and metal. Enclosed in a gift box. Fits a variety of bottles. Try on wine, olive oil, vinegar and liquor bottles for an eye-catching decoration.

Dimensions: 4.75 IN H x 1.25 IN W x 1.25 IN D
High quality
Food-grade stainless steel with silicone neck for added security



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