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Songbird Magnet Bird Caller
Songbird Magnet Bird Caller


Songbird Magnet Bird Caller

$ 62.95

Draws in songbirds like a magnet! Calls beautiful and melodious Purple Martins, Eastern Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, House Wrens, House Finches, American Goldfinches and Indigo Buntings. The Magnet reproduces the charming songs of these choosy species, assuring them that others of their kind are thriving. The familiar calls encourage them to visit feeding-stations or nest boxes.
-Light sensor for natural daylight calls
-Pre-programmed and dual function
-Water and weather resistant, though suggested to place in a covered environment
-Includes installation consultation
-30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee
The Songbird Magnet® was designed in consultation with ornithologists and biologists for maximum realism. Naturally recorded digital output represents multiple individuals, with each song set to play at naturally occurring sound levels and intervals.
Two settings:
Purple Martin dawnsong calls new tenants – these desirable, insect-eating birds nest together and will return to the same communal house year after year.
Favorite Songbirds – calls Baltimore Oriole, House Finch, Indigo Bunting, American Goldfinch, House Wren and Northern Bluebird.



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