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Arizona Mist Flexible Cobra Mistand

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$ 17.95

Flexible design allows customized direction and uncountable applications for your mist cooling. The Flex Cobra® has all of the features to make mist cooling easy - it's freestanding, portable and flexible. Included with each is an interchangeable flower misting head for a quick decorative look. The versatility of the Flex Cobra® allows for the watering or misting in virtually any position or situation. The Flex Cobra® is designed with ALL of your misting needs in mind.

  • Flexible misting capability for all of your outdoor activities: sunbathing, working in the yard, keeping pets cool and barbeques
  • Flower misting head included for a different look
  • Attaches to any standard garden hose
  • Three brass and stainless steel misting nozzles provide localized mist cooling
  • For outdoor use with cold water only
  • Four year warranty.