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Heron Wall Sculpture

$ 29.95

Heron Wall Sculpture. Flamed copper graceful heron looks great indoors and out. The dimensions from the tip of his beak to the toe is 20.5 inches long and it is 8.5 inches tall at its thickest point and about 1/8 inch thick.

Heron Wall Sculpture. This collection of nature-inspired gifts and accessories for the home and garden is created using natural materials and eco-friendly principles. These truly unique gifts and garden accessories are designed by Ancient Graffiti in partnership with global and local artisans, with a shared purpose of making our selection of nature-inspired products unlike any other. Each piece is individually handcrafted to create an item that is handsome, built to last, and of good value. These items are made using materials such as wood, clay, iron, copper, stone, and brass.