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First Nature 32 OZ Oriole Feeder
First Nature 32 OZ Oriole Feeder


First Nature 32 OZ Oriole Feeder

$ 12.95

First Nature 32-Ounce Oriole Feeder is brightly colored orange, which attracts the most inquisitive Oriole. With easy-to-fill wide-mouth jar reservoirs and two-part bases, First Nature Oriole Feeders are the easiest feeder on the market to fill and clean. The feeding ports will accommodate several Orioles at a time. With First Nature Oriole Nectar Concentrate, you can mix the correct proportions right in the feeder jar. Hang the feeder by the included S hook. The perch provides the perfect position for birds to comfortably feed at any of the ten ports. The patented two-part base twists apart for thorough cleaning. All parts may be washed in warm soapy water. (Do not put any parts of this feeder in a dishwasher.)

  • 32 Ounce Nectar Capacity
  • Bright Orange Color Attracts Orioles
  • 10 Ports
  • Easy Fill and Easy Clean
  • Made in the USA


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