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13 OZ Bliss HumBird Feeder
13 OZ Bliss HumBird Feeder13 OZ Bliss HumBird Feeder


13 OZ Bliss HumBird Feeder

$ 15.95

The Bliss Hummingbird feeder holds 13 OZ with a wider-mouth design making it even easier to fill and clean. Features a unique bottle and basin design.

Experience the bliss of feeding hummingbirds with the More Birds® Bliss Hummingbird Feeder! The Bliss nectar feeder features a clear plastic bottle shape that sits flat for easy filling, and a colorful red base with 5 yellow feeding stations to attract more hummingbirds. Its 13 oz. nectar capacity provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more! The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and convenient to clean. For best results, use More Birds Premium Nectar, which simulates natural nectar found in flowers.

  • Experience hummingbird feeding bliss!
  • 13 oz. nectar capacity keeps hummingbirds happy and coming back for more
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning and filling
  • Red flower base design with 4 yellow feeding ports to attract more hummingbirds
  • Beautiful bottle sits flat for easy filling
  • Decorative hanger included


Sky Cafe Orange
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