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10 IN x 2.8 IN x5.5 IN Squireel Fruit or Birdseed Ball Bird Feeder

$ 21.95

The Squirrel Fruit or Birdseed Ball Bird Feeder is part of a whimsical line of birdfeeder perfect for migrating birds in search of a fruit snack or seeds. It can add a whimsical look to any garden or any outdoor setting. It is perfect to hang on your dining stations or a tree branch. It is hand-carved from albesia wood and handpainted with non-toxic paint and coated with polyurethane to protect it from rain and the elements. Hardware includes a metal stake to secure the fruit or birdseed ball to the feeder and an eyehook to hang it from your favorite tree.

  • Dimensions: 10 IN L x 2.8 IN D x 5.5 IN W