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10.5 IN x 14.25 IN x 8 IN Oriole Diner Feeder

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Bright orange color attracts Orioles. Feeder is made from recycled material which aides in keeping plastic out of landfills. If you want to attract oriole birds, this covered feeder with six feeding stations is a great choice. You can offer grape jelly at the cups inside the feeder, and put four giant orange pieces on the pegs around the feeder. Clear roof makes all action easily visible. With the bright orange-colored base and sides protected by a clear roof, this bird feeder is made for the colorful orioles so many bird watchers enjoy. The bright orange recycled material is just the color that orioles are looking for, and oriole birds visiting this Large Covered Oriole Feeder will find lots of food as their reward for dropping in.

This bird feeder makes it easy to attract nearby orioles. The large size 10.5 IN x 14.25 IN x 8 IN lets more than one oriole eat at a time. Keep this feeder well stocked and enjoy watching the orioles visit!