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Cole's Wild Bird Products Tough Bird Feeder Guard

$ 49.95

The Feeder Guard stops animals from climbing a pole, rod or pipe to reach a bird feeder by giving them a static pulse when they touch it. The Tough Bird Feeder Guard takes a 9v battery; not included.

  • WHAT IT DOES: The Feeder Guard stops animals from climbing a pole, rod or pipe to reach a bird feeder. This prevents the squirrels and raccoons from eating all the birdseed and tearing up your feeders. The Feeder Guard will also protect bird houses mounted on poles and plants hanging on shepherd poles.
  • HOW IT WORKS: The Feeder Guard snaps in place around your pole, rod or pipe just below the bird feeder, bird house or planter. When an animal attempts to climb past the Feeder Guard the animal receives a static shock and jumps off. The electric pulse is similar to the static shock you get from door handles on a dry winter day. It is effective but harmless to the animals. The animals quickly learn not to climb the pole.
  • The Guard fits any round pole or pipe up to 1 IN diameter and square rods up to 11/16 IN wide. Most shepherd staff style bird feeder and plant hangers are within this range. The Guard comes with special foam spacers designed to let the Guard accommodate a variety of pole sizes.
  • Understand that it WILL NOT stop squirrels from jumping directly to the feeder if the feeder is too close to a nearby tree, fence or other object. Once squirrels are blocked from climbing your pole they will attempt to jump directly to the feeder from nearby objects. You may need to place the feeder pole up to 10 feet away from other objects to prevent the squirrels from bypassing the Feeder Guard by jumping directly to the feeder.
  • Feeder Guard Placement: For shepherd staff poles the Guard works best if placed with the top of the Guard level with the bottom of your feeder. If your feeder or birdhouse is mounted on top of a pipe? style pole place the Guard about 4 inches below the feeder or house.