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Rainbow Gardman Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger
Rainbow Gardman Hi-Lo Adjustable HangerRainbow Gardman Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger


Rainbow Gardman Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger

$ 19.95

Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger. Lowerin and raising device for hanging baskets. Also ideal for bird feeders. When you pull on the bottom S hook, it extends down an additional 27 inches so that you can water your flowers in your hanging basket / fill your bird feeders with seed. Instructions: For trouble-free operation of your Hi-Lo: 1) Assemble swivel hook and slip onto hanging basket bracket. Attach Hi-Lo to swivel hook. 2) Pull down Hi-Lo hook. Do not let go. Attach hanging basket (or bird feeder). 3) Place hands under basket and raise to uppermost position. Lower slightly in a gentle manner to engage locking device before removing hands. 4) To lower basket for tending plants and watering, place hands under basket and ease upwards slightly to release locking device. Then lower fairly quickly to the required height, slowing down to engage the locking device before removing hands. Important: 1) Do not withdraw tape in horizontal position. Only use Hi-Lo in accordance with the instructions. 2) Do not exceed maximum loading 25 lbs. 3) Do not subject Hi-Lo to shock loading I.E. by allowing basket to drop without support. 4) In windy conditions, leave Hi-Lo in its uppermost position apart from when watering and tending plants.

  • Hi-Lo Adjustable Hanger
  • Dimensions: 5.33 IN H x 2.5 IN x .88 IN, With S hook 7.75 total height



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